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Truth or Consequences: The Future of Contracts in Agriculture

Sept. 4-5, 2003
Kansas City, MO

Click here for more information.  The May 2004 Farm Foundation Issue Report is based on the conference.

Here are presentations made at the conference.

Setting the Stage

Don Villwock, President, Indiana Farm Bureau

Setting the Stage: Agricultural Structure and Drivers of Change Terry Barr, Chief Economist and Vice President of Agriculture, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives: The Virtual Integration of the Food, Natural Fiber and Agricutlural System

Setting the Stage:
Historical Development of Agriculture in the U.S.

Ronald Knutson, Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M University:  Historical Developments in U.S. Agriculture

Setting the Stage:
Potential Consequences and Ramifications of Implementing Contracting Interpretations and Laws of Oklahoma and South Dakota

 H.L. Goodwin Jr., Associate Professor and Poultry Economist, University of Arkansas

Drew Kershen, Earl Sneed Centennial Professor, University of Oklahoma

Hugh Dorminy, Vice President, Cargill Pork

Setting the Stage:
Contracting Law and the Courts Response to Conflicts Between Contracting Parties

 Roger McEowen, Agriculture Law and Policy Extension Specialist, Kansas State University

Marvin Hayenga, Professor, Iowa State University:  Contracts and Litigation

Weldon Schieffer, Program Manager, Institute for Issue Management and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Setting the Stage:
Ethical Issues Involved in Examining a Contract Relationship

John Copeland, Executive in Residence, Donald G. Soderquist Center for Business Leadership and Ethics, and Professor, John Brown University:  Business Ethics & Production Contracts: The Need for Social Responsibility
Responses of Business:
Access to Financing and Asset Restriction: The Impact of Agricultural Contracting

Mickey Paggi, Director, Center for Agricultural Business, and Professor, California State University, Fresno:  Riding the Wave of Change– Contracting in Specialty Crops and Implications for Grower Credit and Finance

Steve Turner, Attorney, Financial Transactions Section and Bankruptcy and Financial Dispute Resolution Group, Baird Holm Attorneys at Law

Responses of Business:
Agribusiness Structure and Transformation: Responses of the Food Industry to Organizational Changes

Tom Sporleder, Professor, The Ohio State University:  Business Responses to Food Supply Chain Dynamics

Corinne Alexander, Assistant Professor, Purdue University:  Biotechnology and Contracts

Responses of Business:
Agricultural Cooperatives and the Role of New Generation Cooperatives

Bill Oemichen, President and CEO, Wisconsin Federation of Cooperatives and Minnesota Association of Cooperatives:  The New Minnesota Cooperative Model–Providing Enhanced Investment Opportunities for Cooperative Members

Paul Strandberg, Project Manager, Office of Commissioner Gene Hugoson, Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Larry Snell, Executive Director, Kentucky Center for Cooperative Development

Jerry Pennick, Land Assistance Fund Director, Federation of Southern Cooperatives

Responses of Producers: Alternative Agricultural Markets and Structures

Janie Hipp, Agriculture and Natural Resources Public Policy Specialist, University of Arkansas

 Paula Ford, Professional Development Program Coordinator, North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

Rick Welsh, Assistant Professor, Center for the Environment, Clarkson University :  The Effect of Laws That Foster Agricultural Bargaining–The Case of Apple Growers in Michigan and New York

Responses of Communities:
Economic and Sociological Impacts of Changes in Agricultural Contracts on Rural Communities

Mark Henry, Co-Coordinator, Rural Economic Development Research Laboratory and Professor, Clemson University:  New Producer Alliances and Rural Places

Jerry DeWitt, Professor, Iowa State University

Brad Redlin, Outreach Coordinator, Center for Rural Affairs:  Economic and Sociological Impacts of Changes in Agricultural Contracts on Rural Communities

Responses of Government:
The Appropriate Role of Legislatures, Agencies, and Public and Private Institutions–a panel discussion

Gene Hugoson, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Chuck Lambert, Deputy Under Secretary, Department of Marketing and Regulatory Programs, USDA

Doug O'Brien, Counsel, U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry: Policy Approaches to Address Problems Associated With Consolidation and Vertical Integration in Agriculture

Synthesis of the Blue Ribbon Panel: Charge to Research and Educational Entities to Address Current and Future Policy Barry Flinchbaugh, Professor and Extension State Leader, Kansas State University






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