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W. Fred Woods (1997)

W. Fred Woods is National Program Leader, Public Policy/Issues Education, Cooperative Research, Education and Extension Service-USDA. Representing the federal partner in extension work, Woods has been a staunch advocate of sound public issues education methodology, a source of up-to-date information on policy developments, and catalyst-facilitator for many important regional and national public policy projects. Through his efforts, the doors of policy makers were opened to policy educators and linkages made to relevant implementing agencies and interest groups.

Woods received his B.S. degree in Agriculture in 1960 and his M.S. in 1961 from Auburn University. He completed course work for a Ph.D. degree in Public Finance at American University in Washington, D.C. Fred has 23 years of service to public policy education. He has served as the USDA representative on the National Public Policy Education Committee and has attended the National Public Policy Education Conference for most of those 23 years. In his role as a National Program Leader he has secured funding for important national and regional committee projects; and he has authored hundreds of papers, articles, and bulletins on key public issues as well as on extension methodology. He managed and directed efforts to improve extension program evaluation and accountability and has been an effective policy educator in his own right with an array of groups that move through Washington, D.C. Fred does his work tirelessly, with a sense of humor and with an undying belief that the Land Grant-USDA system can work efficiently.




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