2008 PREISM Workshop

The 2008 workshop of the Program of Research on the Economics of Invasive Species (PREISM) was Oct. 23-24, 2008, at the ERS Waugh Auditorium, Washington, DC.  This workshop was a collaboration of Farm Foundation and the USDA Economic Research Service.

In 2003, ERS established PREISM, a competitive awards program to address economic issues associated with invasive species management.  Since 2004, ERS and the Farm Foundation have annually sponsored a forum for dialogue on economic issues associated with agricultural invasive species.   These workshops are designed to highlight the progress of previous PREISM awardees, offer feedback to workshop presenters, and share information on research results and PREISM with the broader invasive species community.More than 70 people attended the 2007 workshop representing a variety of government agencies, universities, and private organizations.

Workshop participants identified emerging issues in invasive species management and potential PREISM funding opportunities. These include: revising international standards and import regulations for fruits and vegetables and for plants for planting; quantifying the value of invasive species prevention; identifying financing mechanisms for invasive species prevention and management; expanding the scope of PREISM to include aquaculture; broadening PREISM to include genetically-modified organisms, bioterrorism agents, and the potential impact of plant species being promoted as bio-fuels feedstock; encouraging more work on dynamic approaches to analyzing pest and disease outbreaks, including uncertainty in the analyses; educating the public about and assessing consumer reaction to invasions; and the impact of invasive species on non-market.

Opening Session
Neil Conklin, Farm Foundation
Utpal Vasavada, USDA Economic Research Service

Keynote address
Calling All Economists–ED/RR Needs Your Help!
Richard N. Mack, Washington State University

Research Presentations I
Behavorial Consequences of Alternative Government Livestock Compensation Programs
Keith Coble, Mississippi State University

Efficient Management Strategies for a Contagious Animal Disease Outbreak:  Probability Distributions of Economic Impacts from Food and Mouth Disease
Dustin Pendell, Colorado State University

Prioritization of Sanitary Restrictions Facing U.S. Exports of Bovine, Porcine and Ovine for Determination of Surveillance Needs: Mid-Term Report
Phillip Paarlberg, Purdue University

Discussant:  Frank Fillo, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Global Warming, Invasive Species and Steady-States: How False Scientific Premises Are Limiting Our Ability to Make Useful Predictions
Daniel Botkin, University of California-Santa Barbara

Research Presentations II
Encouraging Cooperation Between Commercial Producers and Residential Users of an Invasive Species Host:  Designing Collective Pest Management Institutions for the Olive Fruit Fly in California
Jeffrey Willliams and Kelly Cobourn, University of California, Davis

Soybean Rust in the United States: A Spatial Risk Analysis
Anton Bekkerman, North Carolina State University

Economics and Ecology of the Risk of Invasive Plant Establishment from the Horticulutral Trade in North America
Edward Barbier, University of Wyoming

Discussant: Lori Lynch, University of Maryland

Research Presentations III
Invasive Species Spread in a Human-Mediated Landscape
James Wilen, University of California, Davis

Metapopulation Dynamics and Management of Plant Invasions on National Forests
Bruce D. Maxwell, Montana State University

Spatial Management of Invasive Alien Species: An Application of Cheat Grass Management in the Great Basin
Carolyn Fischer, Resources for the Future

Discussant: Frances Homans, University of Minnesota

Research Presentations IV
Optimal Invasive Species Policies Under Asymmetric Information
Linda Fernandez, University of California-Riverside, and Glenn Sheriff, Columbia University

Border Enforcement, Importer Behavior and Trade-Related Invasive Species Risks
Sean Cash, University of Alberta

Robust Inspection for Invasive Species with a Limited Budget
L. Joe Moffitt, University of Massachusetts

Alan Dowdy, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Daniel Botkin, University of California – Santa Barbara
Alan Dowdy, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Frank Fillo, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Frances Homans, University of Minnesota
Lori Lynch, University of Maryland
Frank Lupi, Michigan State University
Richard Mack, Washington State University


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